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  1. - Good Enough Parenting
    August 29 - by Tampa Bay Church

    Guest Speakers, Guy & Loretta Berndt
    Nobody is a perfect parent, but we can all be “Good Enough Parents!”

  2. - Right or Righteous? – Written by Fred Faller — Boston, MA
    June 4 - by Tampa Bay Church

    For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of the Law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven” — Matthew 5:20

    What do you think of when you hear the word “righteousness”?

  3. - Tampa Teens Take Ten!
    October 30 - by Tampa Bay Church

    High School MinistryThe High School Teen Ministry of the Tampa Bay Church has seen amazing wonders at the hand of God this past summer. As last semester was coming to a close, God was preparing the hearts of many who would choose to follow Him.

    Our High School Ministry had only one disciple among 25 teens attending our events. Jessica Kaye, steadfast in her faith, standing alone said. “It was like having a silent conversation with God with no response. Through being alone, God taught me how to solely rely on him and as I surrendered my situation to him, God answered in His timing and He answered abundantly!”

  4. - After 33 Years, 4 Sons Baptize Parents
    March 20 - by Jeff Chacon

    Mom & 4 sons at her baptismAfter 33 years of prayer, God opened our mother’s and father’s hearts to respond to the gospel and be baptized into Christ.  We want to give God the glory (Psalm 115:1) and give all of you hope for your family and loved ones by telling you the story…


Recent Sermons

  1. - The Needs of the Poor
    September 27 - by Todd Porter

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  2. - Grace Filled Village
    September 20 - by Guy Berndt

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  3. - The Supremacy of Christ
    September 13 - by Ron Conklin

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  4. - Godly Responses From Proverbs
    September 6 - by Jeff Chacon

    What do we do when two reputable parties are saying very different things?  The Proverbs give us wisdom for responding to every situation in life, including this one.  Join us as we mine seven gems from the book of Proverbs together.

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  5. - Deeper Power
    August 30 - by Ron Conklin

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