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  1. - After 33 Years, 4 Sons Baptize Parents
    March 20 - by Jeff Chacon

    Mom & 4 sons at her baptismAfter 33 years of prayer, God opened our mother’s and father’s hearts to respond to the gospel and be baptized into Christ.  We want to give God the glory (Psalm 115:1) and give all of you hope for your family and loved ones by telling you the story…

  2. - Finding Your Sweet Spot
    February 20 - by Jeff Chacon

    Like stroking a tennis ball right in the center of a tennis racket, we’d all like to hit that “sweet spot” in life – where our natural abilities are used to glorify God in our everyday lives.  But how do we do that?  How do I glorify God in my secular work?  What if I’m not finding meaning in my career?  Is there a way to do what I love and love what I do every day?

    These are the questions this lesson seeks to answer.  The notes that follow are from a recent midweek class we did for the men of the Tampa Bay Church, based on the book by Max Lucado entitled, “Cure for the Common Life”, and they are offered here for anyone who has ever asked the question, “How do I find my sweet spot in life?”.

  3. - The Problem of Pain and Suffering
    November 10 - by Jeff Chacon

    Every human being will at some point in their lives ask these questions: Why is there so much pain and suffering in my life and in our world? Where is God when natural disasters and terminal illnesses take the lives of thousands of men, women and innocent children each year? Where is God when I feel misunderstood, mistreated, and hurt by people in my life? Where is God when I’m going through physical, emotional or spiritual pain and suffering?

  4. - 3 Things Our Children Long to Hear Us Say
    June 25 - by Jeff Chacon

    1) “Here are the limits”

    Are you surprised? Most people are surprised to learn that their children actually want to be told what they can and can’t do. That’s because limits draw a circle around their world within which they are free to explore, experience and enjoy. Boundary lines are the firm and gentle hands that hold…


Recent Sermons

  1. - Defining Moments
    July 20 - by Ryan Burchfield

    Guest speaker, Ryan Burchfield, takes a penetrating look at some of the defining moments in the Apostle’s lives as they struggled to follow Jesus and what we can learn from their example.

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  2. - Epaphras
    July 13 - by Tom Gurrentz

    So often we focus on the heros of the bible that are well known and miss the heroic life of an everyday man living his life completely for God – be inspired by an ordinary man serving an extraordinary God

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  3. - My Redeemer Lives
    June 15 - by Jeff Chacon

    In the midst of his trials, Job proclaimed, “I know that my Redeemer lives (Job 19:25)”. But what does it mean that God is our “Redeemer”? Join us as we explore some of the many meanings and applications of this rich word as we honor God on Father’s Day as our “Redeemer”.

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  4. - Seeing God
    June 8 - by Rob Davis

    Abraham persevered because he saw him who is invisible. Unless we see God, Christianity really makes no sense. We see God through the many blessings that he’s already given us. We see God in ways that he’s helped us through difficult times. Finally, we can’t see God if we’re focused on our own sins. We must look to God to help us overcome.

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  5. - Excellence, Grace, and Heroes
    June 1 - by Tom Kuhn

    Guest speaker, Tom Kuhn, spoke about “living your life like you wouldn’t be afraid to sign it”, “starting over every day by God’s grace”, and “looking for spiritual heroes among those who defy the norm and think outside the box.”

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